Meghan Markle is desperate for Prince Harry to start working and networking

Meghan Markle is reportedly increasingly desperate for Prince Harry to reconsider his stance on work.

Meghan Markle supposedly wants Prince Harry to start working and networking so they can “still make it” in Hollywood.

All this has been shared by an internal source close to Heat magazine.

They told it all during one of their most recent talks with Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

According to the source, the Duchess is starting to feel very “stressed” about her career and just wants Prince Harry to “step up” so they can start “networking” in Hollywood.

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Reportedly, “This year is a make-or-break year for them, and Meghan told Harry to step up. So far she has been the one doing most of the networking and she is stressed, largely because so many deals have fallen apart.”

“She wants to take a step back and feels it’s time for Harry to get his game on,” the source also chimes in before signing off.

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