Bradley Steven, Sabrina Carpenter’s ex, gushes over her

Bradley Steven, Sabrina Carpenter’s ex, gushes over her

Sabrina Carpenter’s ex-boyfriend Bradley Steven Perry recently made a sweet comment about her.

In the latest episode of his podcast About sitting and chattingwhich he hosts with Jake Short, Bradley wished the Feather “nothing but the best” hitmaker.

“I would say my first girlfriend is doing much better than anyone else in the world. She’s too good for this podcast,” she said.

Plus, Bradley also dropped an obvious hint as to who he was talking about: “She sings a little.”

Speaking further about the 24-year-old singer, he added: “I wish her nothing but the best. I don’t even have to because she already has it. I don’t think he gives a damn about her. She wouldn’t even know [who I am]. She said, ‘Who?’”

The two dated when they were teenagers as they both began their careers in the Disney series. Girl knows the world and Good luck Charlie.

In a June 2015 interview with J14Sabrina talked about the time Bradley asked her out.

“It was a really unique way to ask someone out. It was like in the pirate movies, how they make the little bottles and they put notes in them and they send them across the ocean, like one of those, and he would put a note inside. “It was nice,” he had said.

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