Tom Brady remembers 2023 and admits he almost “didn’t retire”

Tom Brady shares his gratitude and some words of wisdom for fans as he rings in the new year.

Tom Brady shares his gratitude and some words of wisdom for fans as he rings in the new year.

Football great Tom Brady shared a humorous post about changing course in his 2023 retirement plans.

On Instagram, reflecting on the past year, Brady revealed that he almost came out of retirement in May, but was ruined by a surprise party from friends who “forced me.”

The seven-time Super Bowl champion said the opposite: He feels grateful for every moment in 2022. Brady expressed his appreciation for his family and friends who surround him with love and support as he ages. He advised his followers to appreciate his loved ones through hugs, calls and expressions of affection.

“Looking back on 2023, grateful for every moment,” he began. “Appreciating the highs, learning from the lows, and looking forward to what comes next. “I am lucky to have family and friends filled with so much love, joy and compassion around me.”

Brady included highlights of spending quality time with his three children, parents and siblings. The 46-year-old wants to help make 2024 a kinder year for everyone.

His message comes weeks after his son Benjamin’s 14th birthday, where Brady reflected on his growth into a kind and thoughtful young man like his father.

He continued: “As you get older, you realize that this is really the only thing that matters, and I will never take these people for granted. Hug your kids, call your parents, tell your friends you love them, and let’s all help make 2024 a kinder, happier year for everyone in our lives (heart emoji).”

“(PS: The only downside to 2023 was when I was about to stop retiring in May and my friends threw a surprise retirement party. They kind of forced it on me.)”

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