'Barbie' Actress America Ferrera Makes Shocking Confession Amid Oscars Scoring

América Ferrera is among the eight Oscar nominees for Greta Gerwig's successful film 'Barbie'

Photo: 'Barbie' actress América Ferrera makes a stir amid the Oscars scoring

América Ferrera, who recently earned a nomination in 2024 Oscar awardsshared details about his first Sundance Film Festival.

speaking to People Magazine For her most recent weekly edition, the 39-year-old actress revealed that she attended the first Sundance Film Festival back in 2002.

Recounting the event, the United States told the outlet: “The snow dazzled me a lot.”

He went on to say that he had little knowledge of how to handle snowfall, saying, “I didn't know how to behave. “I stuck my bare hand in a pile of snow and immediately regretted it.”

He Barbie The hitmaker then talked about her big win at the 2002 festival. Speaking about this, America revealed that she won a jury award for her breakthrough film. Real women have curves.

He also spilled the beans and told the outlet that he celebrated this feat “with a packed audience as they laughed, cried and applauded and then gave us a standing ovation that lasted a few minutes.”

The actress commented before saying goodbye: “That moment changed my world completely. I was starting to live my wildest dreams. I will never forget.”

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