SEAN HANNITY: They all lied, this is the 'Joe Biden cognitive decline cover-up'

Fox News host Sean Hannity responds to calls for President Biden to “step aside” as some Democrats and members of the media now “act all shocked.”

Sean Hannity: Top Democrats Now I have called your [Trump] Biden's opponent, Joe Biden, must resign. We've been hearing it since the debate. Several editorial boards have done the same. Left-wing anchors, pundits, and cable news have been calling for Joe to drop out of the race. Many of Biden's friends and allies have publicly diagnosed him with dementia and said he is not capable of serving another four years. Even Jorge Stephanopouloswho just interviewed Biden, said he doesn't think Biden can serve another term. This has been transparent. This has been obvious for over four years, when President Trump referred to this tonight as a big cover-up. But everyone around Biden, all the Democrats, the state media mob, they've all been involved in the cover-up of Joe Biden's cognitive decline. They all lied. And now they're all acting shocked. They're feigning surprise.


And another lie, you know, of historic proportions. And they've known it all along. And that said, while Joe Biden, in many ways, just had the best day since the debate, with the help of his usual teleprompter, the president delivered an impressive and pretty decent 15-minute speech in front of NATO. Donald Trump's speech lasted almost an hour and twenty minutes. Well, it should be, by the way, a 15-minute speech, a basket case for any American president, especially with a teleprompter. Well, for President Biden, it was a big drama all day long. All eyes on Biden. Article after article, the world is watching, our allies are watching.

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