Jury deliberates in Hunter Biden gun trial

Another president awaits another verdict from another jury.

Less than two weeks after Donald Trump learned he had been convicted of 34 criminal counts in his hush money case, Joe Biden is enduring his own agonizing vigil as his son Hunter awaits the outcome of his gun trial.

Jurors return Tuesday morning to consider evidence against the president's son, who has pleaded not guilty to three charges related to the 2018 purchase of a gun that prosecutors said violated federal law because he was addicted to crack cocaine. The defense argued that there was no direct evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was using the drug when he obtained the firearm.

The two trials, one in Trump's former New York area and the other in Biden's Wilmington, Delaware area, represent a notable departure from traditional presidential campaigns. Never has a former president and presumptive candidate of a major party been convicted of a crime. The son of a sitting president has also not faced that possibility in court. Trump pleaded not guilty in New York, as he has three other criminal indictments ahead of delayed trials.

Read more about why the cases differ here.

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