Prince Harry has been having a “very disastrous year”

Prince Harry has been having a “very disastrous year”

Experts suspect that the Sussexes are probably very happy to know that their “very disastrous” year has come to an end.

Royal commentator Rafe Heydel-Mankoo has come forward with claims to this effect.

He weighed in on things during a candid interview with GB News.

There, Heydel-Mankoo addressed Prince Harry’s “disastrous” year.

He was also quoted as saying: “I think this has been a disastrous year for the Montecito duo, led and followed by two disastrous books, Spare as you said, which made them a laughing stock worldwide and South Park on its world tour. privacy”.

Not to mention, “We watched Family Guy make fun of them on all the late night talk shows. And also ending the year with Endgame written by Omid Scobie.”

“His popularity ratings in the polls plummeted,” also during that time.

So it is possible that they were “very happy to see the end of this year.”

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