Nicolas Cage wants fans to give his film another chance

Nicolas Cage believes that his 'Bringing Out the Dead' will shock audiences this time if it is re-released in high definition

Nicolas Cage wants fans to give his film another chance

In 1999, Nicolas Cage Bringing back the dead was released. But the film did not do well. Now, the actor hopes that a remastered version can please fans.

speaking to DeadlineThe Oscar winner spoke about the psychological drama where he played a paramedic going through a spiritual crisis.

“Yes, I love that movie and I think it will stand the test of time. I saw him again recently. I think Paramount+ has it. It hasn't gone to a high-definition digital format yet, but I'm looking forward to doing an interview for the film with Martin Scorsese for Paramount+, because I think the film is worth seeing again,” he added.

He National Treasure The star continued: “I really think this is one of my best movies. It was between 'Snake Eyes' and 'National Treasure' and I thought it was the most unusual film style. Perhaps it was the most abstract thing I have seen from Martin Scorsese with his style, and for me too.”

Nicolas Cage wants fans to give his film another chance

Explaining the cause of the film's failure at the box office, Nicolas blamed the film's marketing campaign, which he claimed was misleading.

“But I think it was misinterpreted,” he said. “The movie was marketed in such a way, probably because I had been doing adventure movies, that people thought it was going to be an ambulance action-adventure movie.”

He added: “Well, that's not what it was. It was a very painful character analysis of a burned out paramedic based on a very good book by Joe Connelly. But it was misunderstood, and I think that movie, maybe when it goes to high definition, will have another breath of

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