Kim Kardashian desperate to free Bianca Censori from Kanye West's 'evil clutches'

Kim Kardashian desperate to free Bianca Censori from Kanye West's 'evil clutches'

Kim Kardashian is planning a “coup” against her ex-husband Kanye West to save his new wife Bianca Censori from her “dark, creepy, controlling world.”

According In weekly contact, The Kardashians The star wants to help the architect Yeezy get away from the controversial rapper and to do so he has something big planned.

An insider source has revealed that Kim plans to feature Bianca on her reality TV show and claims she has no ulterior motives behind it.

“Kim has been waiting for the right moment to approach Bianca, which is quite difficult because Kanye controls her 24/7 and will obviously be angry when she actually makes a move,” the source said.

“But Kim and Kris [Jenner] “They both agree that it is only a matter of time before Bianca decides to escape and they want to be there for her and give her a soft landing when she does,” they added.

The source added that Kim and Kris “would love to work with her.” [their reality show]”, adding that the ladies claim that they don't do it for the ratings.

“It would be the final blow against Kanye and they would both be very excited about it, but the most important thing would be that the ratings would skyrocket,” they shared.

“They both insist that it's not just about the ratings, that they feel sorry for Bianca and would worry that she's trapped in Kanye's dark, controlling, creepy world.

“But everyone knows that these two are the best schemers, they play life as if it were a game of chess. They are at war with Kanye, so every move they make is aimed at winning.

“This would provoke him and push him over the edge and as much as they cry when that happens, they always benefit because they get a lot of attention and so does their show.”

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