Kelly Clarkson brings couple together as she says ‘no’ to marriage

Kelly Clarkson shared a strong opinion on marriage while acting as a marriage witness.

Kelly Clarkson brings couple together as she says ‘no’ to marriage

Kelly Clarkson’s marriage didn’t turn out to be what she thought. But the Texas singer is building bridges for her fans since she recently became a witness to a marriage.

It happened on New Year’s Eve, the Grammy winner was asked to act as a legal witness at a gay couple’s wedding in Las Vegas.

It comes after Stronger The singer opened up about her marriage experience, saying that she “never wanted to get married in the first place.”

in a talk with PeopleThe 41-year-old shared a strong opinion about her previous marriage, adding that she “[Brandon] He had children, a religious background and I think it was important to him. But I’ve never been that person.”

He continued: “Having been through a couple of divorces in my family, I just don’t like to make a big deal out of it. It can happen; it doesn’t have to happen.”

“For my kids, I would definitely never think about it until they leave my house,” he said.

Explaining her current status, she said, “Dating sucks. It’s so awkward,” she said. “I was single until I was 30 and I forgot how good I am at it… I’m doing great now, I’m having a good time.”

Kelly and Brandon Blackstock married in 2013. But the couple called it quits in 2020. They share two children.

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