Jerry Seinfeld denounces the decline of being a “real man”

Jerry Seinfeld denounces the decline of being a “real man”

Jerry Seinfeld believes masculinity is on the decline and says modern views on gender have made it less impactful.

Sharing your views on the Bari Weiss program Honestlythe legendary comedian said, “The other thing is, as a man, I always wanted to be a real man,” adding, “I never made it, but I really thought that when I was around that time, again, I was JFK, I was Muhammad Ali , it was Sean Connery, Howard Cosell, you can get there, he's a real man.”

And he noted: “I want to be like that one day. You don't want to be a comedian because it's a childish pursuit. I miss a dominant masculinity. I understand how toxic it is… but I still like a real man.”

The Seinfeld alum also lamented the loss of hierarchy in modern times, stating, “There's another element there that I think is the key element.” [of the ’60s]and that is an agreed-upon hierarchy, which I think is absolutely vaporized at the current moment.”

He continued: “I think that's why people lean on the horn and drive the crazy way they do, because we have no sense of hierarchy and as humans we don't really feel comfortable like that.”

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