Inés de Ramón ‘doesn’t mind’ signing a prenuptial agreement: ‘Brad Pitt is worth it!’

Brad Pitt Allegedly Asked Inés de Ramón to Sign a Prenuptial Agreement Before Getting Married

Brad Pitt’s girlfriend, Inés de Ramón, has no problem signing a prenuptial agreement since she understands the losses he has suffered due to his legal battles with ex Angelina Jolie.

According National Researcher, The jewelry designer and Hollywood heartthrob are “deliriously happy” and “in love” as they plan their big day.

The source said De Ramon is happy to be Pitt’s “third wife” and sees no problem if the actor wants to safeguard his finances before starting the new chapter in their lives.

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“Inés was not there from the beginning, but she has seen the toll the divorce has cost her and has been a great support,” the insider close to the situation told the publication.

The source said Pitt doesn’t “foresee any problems with Ines.” However, “his business team wouldn’t let him remarry without taking some precautions.”

And after divorcing her ex-husband Paul Wesley,” the source said, De Ramon “fully understands the legal technicalities and wants to play it safe.”

“She doesn’t care, Brad is worth it,” the source claimed.

“They can start planning the wedding once the prenup is ready,” the source said. “They are tremendously happy and in love and can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together.”

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