Ian Ziering says he defended himself in biker fight

Actor Ian Ziering was involved in a battery incident in Los Angeles on Sunday during what appeared to be a street fight involving several people on minibikes.

Although the “Beverly Hills, 90210” alum said he was “completely unharmed,” the New Year’s Eve altercation left him concerned about “vandalism on our streets.”

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed Tuesday that an assault report was taken related to a Sunday incident near Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue. Ziering was listed as a victim in the report, according to Los Angeles Police Officer Norma Eisenman. KTLA reported that officers responded around 3 p.m. to reports of a fight after a group of motorcyclists were driving recklessly in the area.

The “Sharknado” franchise star posted on Instagram on Monday to address the “alarming incident,” which was partially documented in a video obtained and posted online by TMZ.

The video showed the 59-year-old television personality walking past a stopped vehicle and approaching one of several cyclists riding on the busy street. Ziering appeared to push the individual and as the confrontation escalated, more motorcyclists joined in. At one point, at least five people came into physical contact with Ziering, who eventually ran across the street with several of the helmeted motorcyclists chasing him.

The “Worst Cooks in America” contestant, who played famous Beverly Hills rich kid Steve Sanders on “90210,” attempted to shed light on the “disturbing confrontation” on Monday and alleged that he was defending himself during the altercation. .

“While I was stuck in traffic, one of these motorcyclists aggressively approached my car, leading to a disturbing confrontation. In an attempt to assess any damage, I got out of my car. Unfortunately, this action led to a physical altercation, which I navigated to protect myself,” the actor wrote.

“I am relieved to report that my daughter and I are completely unharmed, but the incident has left me deeply concerned about the growing audacity of these groups disrupting public safety and peace. This situation highlights a broader problem of vandalism on our streets and the need for effective law enforcement responses to such behavior. “As a citizen and parent, I find it unacceptable that groups can freely engage in this type of behavior, causing fear and chaos, while the authorities’ response seems insufficient,” he added.

Ziering added that he “has always been an advocate against bullying and misconduct” and that the incident reinforced his belief “in the importance of personal and community safety.”

“We must address the underlying issues that lead to such disruptive behavior and ensure our streets are safe for everyone,” he wrote. “I urge city officials and law enforcement to take decisive action against such lawlessness and provide the necessary resources to prevent future events.”

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