Geo News election coverage sets global benchmarks amid record viewership

YouTube remained the key battleground, with Geo News' coverage generating almost 120 million views, surpassing its competitors.

Geo News Live Stream. YouTube/Geographic News

Pakistan Geographic newsthe leading television channel, has made history by emerging as an international standard-bearer with its panoptic coverage of the 2024 elections, surpassing its local and global competitors in terms of timeliness, credibility and impartiality.

Noted for his unbiased reporting, Geographic news became the source of credible information, amassing an impressive 10 million hours of total viewership. This supremacy also extended to social media, where its coverage garnered a staggering 237 million views across multiple platforms in the past three days.

YouTube remained the key battleground, with Geo News The coverage generated almost 120 million views, surpassing its competitors. Further consolidating its dominance, the channel achieved a record peak audience of over 300,000 users on YouTube.

During the general elections, a team of reporters traveled to all corners of the country to cover news and activities related to the elections.

The broadcast even highlighted district politics, critical races, manifestos and the chances of victory for several candidates.

“Geo has set an international standard on how to cover a complex election like Pakistan,” a senior foreign diplomat said in a message to Geo News.

Furthermore, all the important news and different aspects of the elections were presented in a unique way.

These two Indian journalists also appreciated Geo News' election coverage.

Senior journalists and analysts including Hamid Mir, Sohail Waraich, Salim Safi, Mazhar Abbas, Shahzeb Khanzada, Irshad Bhatti, Wajih Sani, Shehzad Iqbal, Benazir Shah, Mehmal and news anchors Muhammad Junaid, Abdullah Sultan, Huma Ameer Shah , Sarah Ilyas, Neelam. Yusuf, Aleena Farooq among several others are part of this broadcast.

Arsalan Khalid, Imran Khan's former focal person on digital media, praised Geographic news for its “best electoral broadcast in the main media.”

Even Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), a ruthless critic of Geo, also praised and trusted the channel's credible election coverage.

Many international media outlets and news services cited Geographic news in his reports, while Internet users also liked his electoral broadcast.

Muhammad Junaid wins online praise

Anchor Muhammad Junaid's outstanding performance during the election broadcast was praised on X and other social media platforms.

Hamid Mir went on to say, “Our news anchor, marathon runner, Junaid, created a record by talking non-stop on Geographic news Since the last three hours without a fumble. “He is announcing the results of #Elections2024 at full speed and energy.”

Investigative journalist Fakhar Durrani also posted a thank you note on the social media website X, saying: “I take my hat off to you.”

Junaid thanked Mir and others for their kind words and said, “The entire team played their part in presenting the best election broadcast in Geographic news”.

Following this overwhelming response, Geographic news extends its gratitude to its viewers for their trust and commitment, reinforcing the channel's position as a leading voice in South Asian media and a global reference for its exceptional coverage of the 2024 elections.

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