Fergie only saw Prince Andrew ’40 days a year’ for the first five years of their marriage

Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, was married for 10 years, from 1986 to 1996.

Fergie only saw Prince Andrew ’40 days a year’ for the first five years of their marriage

However, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are rumored to be getting remarried soon; So far there has been no announcement or suggestion from the royal family in this regard.

Speaking about Fergie and her closeness to the royal family, royal expert Angela Levin talked about how the late Queen Elizabeth welcomed her back into the family after Prince Phillips’ death.

Shedding light on what the reasons could be, the expert said that the late queen had a soft spot for Fergie and that’s why she went against her late husband’s wishes.

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She said of Fergie: “She’s never said a bad word about the monarchy and she’s never said a bad word about Prince Andrew, she’s always said ‘he’s a wonderful father’ and she’s adamant about being very moral.”

“They had a pretty strange relationship when they were married, for the first five years she only saw him 40 days a year,” she revealed about Ferguson and Andrew to GB News.

“He was with the Navy and she became restless. He became agitated and she said we both realized we had open marriages,” she added. “I’m not really sure what he meant by that, I won’t delve into it.”

“But I think it was very difficult because she was used to going to parties and flying her plane, she learned to do it and write her book; she did a lot of different things,” the expert continued.

“And then they got fed up and grew apart due to the lack of closeness.

“They had been friends when they were little, they had known each other since then, so their relationship is quite solid although quite strange.”

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