Democrats in Michigan primary face voter backlash over Gaza genocide

The Gaza issue is a concern for Biden, as a possible rematch with Donald Trump looms in November

US President Joe Biden on the White House campus in Washington, US, on October 11, 2023 (left) and Khalid Turaani distributed leaflets on Monday encouraging people not to vote for Joe Biden (right ).—Reuters

In the run-up to Michigan's primary on Tuesday, the state's voters are organizing to send a powerful message to President Joe Biden: “No to the ceasefire. No to the vote.” bbc reported.

This mobilization, influenced by events in Gaza, raises a major concern for the Biden team, especially with a possible rematch with Donald Trump looming in November.

Michigan, a critical battleground state, has the largest Arab-American population in the United States, making it a testing ground to determine the impact of Biden's Israel-Gaza conflict policy on Democratic support .

Discontent within the Arab-American community has been simmering for months, and the Democratic primary provides the first opportunity for voters to express their discontent by withholding their support for the president.

Two grassroots organizations, Abandon Biden and Listen to Michigan, are encouraging Democrats to elect “uncommitted” in the primaries, garnering endorsements from several elected officials, including Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Michigan House Rep. , Abraham Aiyash. The movement aims to get at least 10,000 votes for the “uncommitted,” imagining Michigan as a pro-Palestinian state.

While Biden's primary victory appears assured, attention is focused on how many will vote “uncommitted” to gauge the electoral impact of his stance on Israel. Recent polls indicate disapproval of Biden's handling of the crisis, particularly in areas like Dearborn, where a significant Arab-American population resides.

Biden's delicate balancing act between supporting Israel and addressing concerns within his party has put him in a challenging position. Attempts to engage Arab-American leaders and emphasize domestic achievements have not completely quelled frustrations.

The cost of the current conflict in Gaza and perceived culpability are eroding Democratic support, leading even some far-left Democrats to consider alternative voting options.

Michigan, a swing state crucial to Biden's electoral success, becomes a focal point for gauging sentiments on both foreign policy and domestic issues. With concerns about the economy, Biden faces skepticism from voters like Nate, a blue-collar worker, who sees a decline since Biden took office.

As Michigan becomes a battleground for expressing discontent, the primary results will serve as a barometer of the challenges Biden may face in the broader electoral landscape, highlighting potential vulnerabilities beyond the Israel-Gaza conflict.

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