BTS’ Jin releases pre-recorded New Year’s message

BTS’ Jin surprised his ARMY fandom with a pre-recorded video as the K-pop idol currently serves in the South Korean military.

With just a few months left to complete his mandatory service, the 31-year-old singer visited the boy band’s official YouTube page and wished his fans a happy new year.

He opened the message with a warm greeting and said: “It’s January for everyone. The new year has arrived. In January I will be one year older. He would already be about 30 years old,” he referred to his date of birth, that is, December 4.

Jin, who was the first BTS member to enlist in the military, also joked about the nature of his own video, saying, “Did you all make a snowman? “I’m still in the past so I don’t know if it’s snowing or not, but if it snows, you have to make a snowman.”

The singer reiterated that he had previously filmed the video and said he wanted to make sure he could give fans an update on his life as they wait for him to complete his military service, which he had already put off for years.

“I leave you this video so you can see my cute and handsome face and spend January and February warm. I miss you all. I miss you so much,” she concluded.

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