Ben Affleck says he married Jennifer Lopez in a moment of “temporary insanity”

Ben Affleck says he married Jennifer Lopez in a moment of “temporary insanity”

Ben Affleck refuses to “give in” regarding his decision to split from Jennifer Lopez because he believes he married her in a moment of “temporary insanity.”

According In weekly contacthe Atlas The actor is sure that she and her beloved husband would go through this phase, but Affleck pays no attention to her pleas to live together again.

“J. Lo is still telling everyone that they are going to get through this, but it looks really bad,” the source said of Lopez, who is busy preparing for her upcoming tour.

However the Girl is gone The star has been telling friends that marrying Lopez was “temporary insanity,” but now his head is “clear” and he's ready to move on.

“He feels like the last two years were just a fever dream, and now he's come to his senses and understands that there's just no way this is going to work,” the source added.

“If there was a way to get divorced on the grounds of temporary insanity, I would do it,” the source noted, before adding that it's pretty clear that “a divorce is imminent.”

Rumors about the duo's divorce broke down after they failed to make a joint public appearance for 47 days. However, since the news broke, they have gone out together several times.

But the source alleged that Affleck and Lopez only appeared “to clear up all the gossip and also to make sure the kids know they are still a priority.”

After getting married in 2022, almost two decades after calling off their first engagement, Affleck and Lopez decided to merge their families.

Over almost two years, they managed to bring Affleck three children, who he shares with his ex Jennifer Garner, and Lopez's twins, who she has with her ex Marc Anthony.

“It's a huge change to go from this beautiful mixed-race family to this fractured cold war,” they said.

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