Ault Alliance’s Sentinum Reports 151 Bitcoin Mined in December 2023 By

Ault Alliance’s Sentinum (AULT) Reports 151 Bitcoin Mined in December 2023

Alianza Ault, Inc. (NYSE American: AULT), a diversified holding company (“Ault Alliance,” or the “Company“), announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Sentinum, Inc. (“sentinel“) mined approximately 151 Bitcoin in December 2023. Of this total, approximately 77 Bitcoin were mined at the Sentinum data center in Michigan, and the remaining approximately 74 Bitcoin were mined from mining machines hosted at Core Scientific, Inc. ( “Center“). The December 2023 mining run rate of approximately $6.5 million marks the highest monthly run rate for Bitcoin miners in the Company’s history. The December mining operations represent a current annual run rate of Bitcoin mining operations of approximately $78 million in Bitcoin. The mining run rate is based on a current Bitcoin price of approximately $43,000.

William B. Horne, CEO of Ault Alliance, said: “Reaching this milestone represents an important step forward for the company. We are immensely pleased with the progress and overall performance of our mining operations, particularly those of Sentinum. We think Sentinum is in a great position to maintain its track record of producing impressive monthly income. This is largely due to our continued efforts to optimize operations and the upcoming transfer of some of our Core-hosted mining rigs to our Montana site. “It is important to recognize that we believe the current trading price of our shares does not fully capture the intrinsic value that Sentinum adds to our company.”

Ault Alliance notes that all estimates and other projections are subject to the volatility of the Bitcoin market price, fluctuation in the level of mining difficulty, the ability to develop and provide the necessary power to miners and other factors that may affect Bitcoin’s results. production or mining operations.

For more information about Ault Alliance and its subsidiaries, Ault Alliance recommends that shareholders, investors and any other interested parties read Ault Alliance’s public filings and press releases available in the Investor Relations section of or in

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