Why is Thanksgiving only celebrated on Thursdays and what is Blackout Wednesday?

Thanksgiving 2023: The days surrounding it have also taken on special meaning and Drinksgiving is one of them

U.S. President Joe Biden serves food to service members and their families during a Friendsgiving event ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday at Naval Station Norfolk in Norfolk, Virginia, U.S., Nov. 19 .—Reuters

While many holidays have fixed dates, Thanksgiving is notable for always occurring on the same day of the week, albeit with a different date.

This tradition dates back to 1941, when a resolution was passed establishing the fourth Thursday in November as the official day of Thanksgiving, guaranteeing a consistent holiday shopping season for all five Thursdays in November.

But why Thursday? Historically, Thursday was chosen because it coincided with the convenience of the early Puritan settlers. Sunday, being Saturday, was not suitable for festivals, and Fridays were designated for fasting, which also made them inconvenient.

Since Thursday became a day when ministers often gave lectures in New England, it became a practical choice for Thanksgiving, which became a tradition over the years.

Wednesday blackout

The days surrounding Thanksgiving have also taken on special meaning. Thanksgiving Eve, or “drinking action,” has become a widely celebrated occasion and marks the beginning of a four-day weekend for many Americans. It serves as a day to meet up with friends before spending time with family.

As for the Friday after Thanksgiving, the infamous Black Friday traditionally kicks off the holiday shopping season with great deals. While Black Friday remains popular, deals now extend from days to weeks before and after the official day. Additionally, Cyber ​​Monday, which falls on the Monday after Thanksgiving, offers online shoppers exclusive deals.


Beyond family gatherings, “Friendsgiving” has grown in popularity. This Thanksgiving celebration with friends has no set date, allowing friends to coordinate times for a day of potlucks and dinners.

At its core, the Thanksgiving Thursday tradition has deep historical roots, shaped by considerations of convenience and the need for a consistent shopping season.

The days surrounding Thanksgiving have become unique celebrations, combining tradition with modern festivities.

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