Venice to ban loudspeakers and large tour groups to tackle overtourism

Venice welcomed almost 13 million tourists in 2019 despite its modest size of 7.6 square kilometers

A daytime view of Venice, Italy. – Discard

Venice, the “city of canals,” plans to ban loudspeakers and restrict tourist groups to no more than 25 people to lessen the negative effects of mass tourism on the Italian city.

He BBC, Citing a statement from the city administration, it reported that these new laws, which will take effect in June, aim to address concerns of confusion and disturbances created by loudspeakers.

Venice, a popular European tourist destination, previously implemented a trial to impose a fine of around 5 euros on daily visitors to tackle overtourism.

According to Elisabetta Pesce, responsible for the city’s security, the recent measures aim to improve the management of organized groups in the historic center.

The Italian National Statistics Institute states that, despite its modest size of 7.6 square kilometers, Venice welcomed nearly 13 million tourists in 2019. NDTV reported.

Venice residents are considering relocation due to tourist overload, and citizens’ associations monitor bed availability for both tourists and locals.

In July, experts from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) proposed adding Venice to the list of world heritage sites in danger due to climate change and mass tourism.

Italian Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano highlighted recognition of efforts to address issues, such as implementing an anti-flooding system and approving an entrance fee for tourists, but Venice was not added to the list.

Previously in 2021, Venice’s historic center was closed to large cruise ships due to pollution concerns and possible damage to the city’s foundations from a boat accident in the Giudecca canal.

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