Shooting at Perry High School in Iowa leaves one dead and dozens injured

Details of Perry High School shooting victims will be announced later at news conference, Iowa police say

Law enforcement officers work at the scene of a shooting at Perry High School in Perry, Iowa, on January 4, 2024..-Reuters

Authorities reported that police were actively responding to a shooting at Perry High School in Iowa, located approximately 35 miles from the state capital, Des Moines.

While there was no immediate confirmation of casualties, a news conference was scheduled for later in the morning to provide more details.

A spokesperson for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the active school shooting situation, and local media shared videos and photographs that reveal a significant police presence at the scene.

The incident raised concerns about gun violence, a prevalent problem in the United States, a nation where guns outnumber the population and attempts to address their proliferation face substantial political resistance.

The United States has already witnessed three mass shootings in the first days of the year, according to Gun Violence Archive, an NGO that defines a mass shooting as an incident that results in four or more people injured or killed.

The pervasive problem of gun violence remains a contentious issue in the country’s political landscape.

School shootings, in particular, serve as poignant reminders of the political gridlock over gun control. In May 2022, a tragic incident in Uvalde, Texas, saw a man take the lives of 19 students and two teachers at an elementary school.

The incident raised concerns about the need for effective measures to address and prevent such tragic events.

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