Reason Melania Trump Missed Donald Trump's Secret Money Trial

This is why Melania Trump didn't appear at Donald Trump's hush money trial in New York. – Reuters

Former US President Donald Trump witnessed closing arguments for his side on Tuesday as the hush money trial draws to a close.

During the hearings, former first lady Melania Trump was nowhere to be seen with her husband, as the Republican was mainly accompanied by his children or his legal team.

Stephanie Grisham, former White House press secretary, said cnn Tuesday that the reason Melania didn't appear at the hush money trial is because she was “thinking about her own optics.”

“This family is really focused on optics. They're always focused on optics,” he said.

Other relatives of the 77-year-old man have attended the hush money trial, except his 53-year-old wife and daughter Ivanka Trump, 42.

“But you know, I think Melania and Ivanka are thinking about their own optics, and they haven't been here all along. And I'm not sure that showing up now would do anything other than cause more speculation,” he said. said Melania's former assistant.

Grisham believed Melania would not appear in court even if Trump asked her to.

“I would be absolutely floored if she showed up. There's just no way and, again, she hasn't shown up in all this time. And then, in her mind, I think she would think she was giving in or even seem weak if they suddenly appeared.” , said.

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