How does Israel's Iron Dome defense system work?

Almost all the projectiles were destroyed in the air by Israel's Iron Dome. – Reuters

Tensions in the Middle East reached a new high when Iranian drones, cruise and ballistic missiles were fired from its territory directly towards its arch-enemy Israel; However, most of them were intercepted by Israeli missile defense systems.

Hundreds of drones and dozens of cruise missiles were reportedly fired for the first time after Israel attacked the Iranian embassy compound in Damascus, killing at least 12 people, including two IRGC generals.

Almost all projectiles were destroyed by air defense systems, including Iron Dome.

The Israeli military stated on Sunday that “99% of the projectiles were intercepted with the help of its partners, and only a small number of ballistic missiles reached the territory.

“About 170 drones, more than 30 cruise missiles and more than 120 ballistic missiles were fired,” Israel said.

How does Israel's Iron Dome work?

One of the advanced air defense systems, Iron Dome, began operating in 2011. It detects missiles, drones and rockets as they are launched towards Israel and stops them in the air by destroying the projectiles.

The highly effective missile defense was developed by local firm Rafael Advanced Defense Systems with support from the United States.

It is made up of mobile units on trucks and batteries. They are scattered throughout Israel. It has three to four launchers that can fire up to 20 interceptor missiles.

At the initial level, radars detect approaching objects and the information is transferred for analysis.

The experts decide after analyzing the information what to launch to intercept.

Countermissiles are then fired directly or near its flight path to neutralize incoming projectiles or weapons.

It can be overwhelmed after a large number of rockets are fired, as Hamas did on October 7 last year.

It is known as Kippat Barzel in Hebrew and there are staff monitoring the system 24/7.

The country also has medium and long-range defense systems, called David's Sling, Patriot and Arrow.

How much does the Iron Dome cost?

According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, each Iron Dome missile interceptor costs between $40,000 and $50,000 to produce.

Iran's missile attack cost Israel between NIS 4 and 5 billion on Sunday, Brigadier General Reem Aminoach, former financial advisor to the IDF chief of staff, told the Ynet studio.

The Washington-based security think tank estimated that a complete system costs about $100 million to produce.

TO cnn The report estimated that the United States has spent more than $2.9 billion on the Iron Dome program.

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