AI Nostradamus predicts a revolution in 2024 and reveals 7 other prophecies

‘Figure in blue’, possibly Donald Trump, leads US again, AI model predicts

ChatGPT agreed to pose as a Nostradamus AI for The Sun Online.-The Sun

ChatGPT, assuming the persona of Nostradamus, has eerily predicted his rise to power in 2024, along with seven other shocking prophecies.

The artificial intelligence, developed by OpenAI, entered into a conversation with The sun onlineweaving a narrative that encompasses global politics, technological advances and cultural phenomena.

AI Nostradamus describes a “crystalline structure” that arises from the fusion of silicon and ambition, symbolizing a revolution in artificial intelligence.

This breakthrough, centered on an eastern city in 2024, is set to transform machine learning and neural networks, and potentially usher in a form of artificial general intelligence.

Eight predictions from our AI Nostradamus

  1. The AI ​​”revolution” emerges from a city in the “eastern landscapes”
  2. “The figure in blue”, possibly Donald Trump, leads the US again
  3. “Vladimir Bear”, probably Putin, will be removed to choose a successor
  4. Victory for a British politician named “Alexander” and “born under the sign of twins”, perhaps Boris Johnson
  5. Global harmony brought about by a treaty signed under an “eternal snow” mountain range
  6. There will be “restless” seas and an “island nation marked by a crescent moon” will feel its fury
  7. A coin marked by a ‘mythical creature’ will resurface
  8. And a “cinematic masterpiece” will leave an “indelible mark” on the public

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