Six Senses Wadi Safar will immerse guests in the rich culture of Saudi Arabia

Diriyah Company’s ambitious major project in Saudi Arabia, which aims to transform the region into a global landmark, will include a new luxury hotel called Six Senses Wadi Safar. Located just 25 miles from Riyadh’s King Khalid International Airport, the resort will offer 80 rooms within a 23-square-mile Wadi Safar gated community. Set against a backdrop of natural beauty, the resort aims to combine traditional Najdi-style architecture with modern luxury, offering cultural retreats, wellness breaks and a variety of activities, while contributing to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 initiative. Six Senses Wadi Safar is scheduled to open in 2026, inviting international visitors to explore the Kingdom’s heritage sites and stunning landscapes.

The hotel, part of a comprehensive heritage restoration project, will be a gateway to desert adventures, including easy access to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of At-Turaif in nearby Diriyah. The project aligns with Diriyah’s commitment to preserving nearly three hundred years of cultural heritage, offering guests a unique experience rooted in cuisine, materials, customs and vibrant local history. With a focus on sustainable and diverse tourism, Six Senses Wadi Safar aims to redefine the guest experience, providing an immersive journey through the rich cultural tapestry of Saudi Arabia.

Six Senses Spa will be a sensory experience with suites dedicated to sight and touch, treatment rooms, a hammam, a salon, a gym and studio, and a separate yoga studio. From yoga programs, signature massages and biohacking tools to multi-day retreats and standards from brands like Sleep With Six Senses and Eat With Six Senses, there will be something for everyone.

The region’s history dates back thousands of years: it was once an ancient trade and pilgrimage route and a meeting place for people traveling to or from Asia, Africa or Europe, sharing food and stories around the evening fire. While the rooms are secluded, the restaurants incorporate this community aspect and extend traditional hospitality, inviting guests to gather and enjoy seasonal, locally-themed sharing dishes. The main restaurant will open onto the pool and will be complemented by an exclusive restaurant, grill and brewery. There will be a multi-use event space with an outdoor amphitheater and an artisan souk-style boutique.

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