Unraveling the threat of data poisoning for generative AI

I get old when I talk about the old days of computing, when the cloud was known as “utility computing” and hosted services. From those early days, it took about 10 years for the cloud to go from a niche and new way to the default way of creating and consuming applications. This change has had immense reach, not only in building applications but also in the way we design networks, connect users, and protect data.

We are now undergoing another fundamental change, but one that will not take several years to become the default: the rise of generative AI tools. Mature businesses and economies have struggled with a productivity plateau in recent years, and the potential for generative AI to break through and unleash a new wave of productivity is all too enticing. As a result, generative AI will become an essential part of everyday work life in 2024, just 18 months after the first broad-based AI tools captured mass attention.

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