The biggest BlackBerry fan founded an iPhone keyboard company called Clicks

Foreign BlackBerry phones? Do you want iPhone 15 Did you have a real keyboard, with real buttons that you can press with your thumbs? No one misses having a phone keyboard like old (very old) school BlackBerry fans, and one of BlackBerry’s biggest fans has started an iPhone accessory company to pass the phone keyboard torch to a new generation of fans.

In a bold move, two tech journalists, Kevin Michaluk of and Michael Fisher from Mr. Mobile YouTube fame, they have teamed up to found a hardware company called Clicks. The two have also recruited team members from companies like BlackBerry (of course), Apple, and Google, although to be fair, I tell people I worked at Apple when I actually worked at an Apple Store in the Chestnut Hill Shopping Center near Boston.

(Image credit: Clicks)

I admit that I know both Kevin and Michael, and have seen Michael recently, but I had no idea he was working on an iPhone keyboard on the sly. Some of my TechRadar colleagues noticed the similarity between this accessory and that time Ryan Seacrest tried to conquer the iPhone world with his own Typo iPhone keyboard. Also that time Ryan Seacrest tried again with Typo2. Seacrest was sued by BlackBerry, who somehow had enough life left in 2015 to win a lawsuit.

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