Stella McCartney highlights her Nativa wool partner at Paris Fashion Week

Sustainable British designer Stella McCartney has underlined her commitment to traceable merino wool supplier Nativa at the Paris Fashion Week Summer 2024 runway presentation at Marché Saxe-Breteuil.

As a backdrop to the show, McCartney unveiled the Stella Sustainable Market. The presentation, a classic Parisian street market reimagined, featured 21 stalls showcasing the works of McCartney’s sustainability and materials innovation partners alongside vintage clothing and pioneers from other industries.

At Paris Fashion Week 2024, British designer Stella McCartney showed her commitment to sustainable fashion by introducing her traceable merino wool supplier, Nativa. The backdrop for the parade was the Stella Sustainable Market, a Parisian street market-themed presentation with 21 stalls showcasing sustainable materials and innovations.

Partners at the exhibition included blockchain-backed traceable wool supplier Nativa, highlighting its commitment to regenerative agriculture and its continued mission to lead the fashion market in protecting animals, land and farming communities in everyone.

“Today’s presentation by Stella McCartney not only highlighted our partner’s commitment to circular and sustainable fashion, but also gave suppliers like NATIVA the opportunity to explain and showcase the valuable work we all do to a much wider audience. NATIVA™ is thrilled to be working with such a dedicated and supportive designer.” María Estrada, global sales and marketing director at Nativasaying.

Flanking each side of the runway, the Stella Sustainable Market presented an immersive opportunity to inspire and educate fairgoers about sustainable materials and circular fashion. Materials innovation companies exhibiting alongside NATIVA included: Nona Source, a deadstock platform owned by LVMH; vegan leather supplier Mabel Industries; and Natural Fiber Welding (NFW), which specializes in plant-based, plastic-free leather alternatives.

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