USC’s Bronny James warms up before game for the first time this season

LOS ANGELES – Bronny James warmed up with his No. 16 USC teammates before a game for the first time this season after suffering cardiac arrest in July during a team workout, a development his father, LeBron James, praised. as the next step. towards his return to play.

Bronny James has yet to make his college debut. After her cardiac arrest, she underwent successful surgery to repair what her family called a probable congenital heart defect.

“It’s awesome to have him back on the team with us and participating with us,” USC guard Kobe Johnson said after the Trojans beat Brown 81-70. “We want him to come back as soon as possible, but we want him to be as healthy as possible when he comes back. Every day we pray that he continues to improve and hopefully at some point this year he can be on the court with us.”

James has done some individual work before games, but had not been on the court warming up with his teammates before Sunday’s game.

“He was great. He went through warmups with the team. He’s a big part of our program and our team. He’s a great teammate,” USC coach Andy Enfield said. “We hope that one day he will return to the court, but when that day comes, that is not my decision. We will be patient and follow the process.”

On Nov. 6, LeBron James told reporters that if his son passed a medical exam later this month, he would return to practicing with the intention of appearing in games this season.

“Today’s game was the first game where he had a chance to warm up with his team,” LeBron James said Sunday. “So he’s almost there…he’s almost there.”

Bronny James played his high school career in Sierra Canyon, just north of Los Angeles, and is a freshman guard for the Trojans.

After Sunday’s USC game, Bronny James made the short trip downtown from the Galen Center to Crypto.Com Arena to watch his father score 37 points, including the go-ahead free throw, in the Lakers’ victory 105-104 over the Houston Rockets.

“It was great having him here. Seeing my man with a smile,” LeBron James said. “Anyone who has college kids, you know they go away and you might not see them for a week or two and then they show up at your house to do laundry and enjoy a hot, fresh meal. It makes me super happy.”

LeBron James also noted that Sunday was the first time he had seen his son in two weeks.

“He’s fine. He has school, practice and he’s training,” he said. “Listen, the kid is 19. That’s what FaceTime video is for.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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