Major League Wrestling Founder Court Bauer Believes ‘Kings of Colosseum’ Is Start of ‘Loud Year’

Major League Wrestling’s (MLW) first live premium event of the year is expected to be special with World Heavyweight Champion Alex Kane defending the title against Richard Holliday along with the return of Matt Riddle and Sami Callihan.

“Kings of Colosseum” takes place Saturday in Philadelphia at the 2300 Arena at 7 pm ET and can be seen on Triller TV.

MLW founder Court Bauer told Fox News Digital in a recent interview that the first premium live event (PLE) is the start of what is expected to be a big year for the company.


“It’s a big year for us,” Bauer said. “For the last two or three years, we have been charting a course and that course is towards enormous growth, as any company wants. We are about to enter that period now. We have been making some moves behind the scenes and this is going to happen.” It’s going to be a loud year for us and we’re going to start it off with a bang in Philadelphia.

MLW got Riddle after he and WWE parted ways. The company also got Callihan once he parted ways with Total Nonstop Action (TNA). Both competitors previously competed in MLW before moving on: Riddle in 2017-2018 and Callihan in 2017-2019.

MLW founder Court Bauer previewed “Kings of Colosseum.” (MLW)

Riddle will face Jacob Fatu in a singles match. Callihan will also face Satoshi Kojima, a former New Japan Pro Wrestling star, in a singles match. With his return, Bauer promised to give professional wrestling fans more action and less soap opera drama.

“It’s part of the long-term game plan that we’re going to follow,” he explained. “If you look at wrestling right now, wrestling is entering a new Wild West. You have agents in Beverly Hills running WWE, and then you have MLW. We are full of real courage. We don’t pander to Hollywood. We don’t apologize .professional wrestling We are a combat sport.


“MLW doesn’t have a room full of Hollywood writers and agendas writing stories. We’re doing this the way it was done in the ’80s and ’90s, like, frankly, the way the UFC does today. You make the best fights. “You give them something new and exciting. Show off every wrestling style you can… It’s a great time to be a part of MLW and a great time for the fans because we’re going to do it big and loud this year.”

“Kings of Colosseum” is not the only card scheduled. MLW will return to Philadelphia on February 3 for “Super Fight” and then hit New York City on February 29 for “Intimidation Games.”

MLW heads to Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida, area for “War Chamber” on March 29. And on May 11, MLW will host “Azteca Lucha.”

Additionally, Bauer told Fox News Digital that he is looking to increase MLW’s international presence and hopes to offer more live shows.

“We want to dominate the entire country, and to do that, you need a certain level of star power because they’re going to drive ticket sales at the box office,” Bauer said. “They’re going to bring in a lot of people who may not know MLW, and they’ll come and check it out, and then they’ll get to see the next generation of talent.”

MLW promotional poster

‘Kings of Colosseum’ will feature the returns of Matt Riddle and Sami Callihan. (MLW)


“It’s an interesting time because you have to have real courage to overcome a very competitive landscape and stand out. There’s a reason why the other promoters want our talent. They see our show. They know the show is good, they know the talent. It’s great , and you can only see them on MLW, which is a big part of what we did.”

In addition to Saturday’s PLE, “Major League Wrestling: Fusion” can be seen Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on beIN Sports, Triller TV, and YouTube.

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