United States President or Class President? The Republican Party's youth campaign

To the editor: My biggest takeaway from former President Trump's campaign (indeed, from the entire Republican nomination race) is my memory of high school senior campaigns for president. (“It's Over, and Other Takeaways from Trump's Haley Defeat in New Hampshire,” Jan. 23)

There is no real interest in identifying serious problems or offering competitive solutions to them. Instead, candidates focus on things like “wokeness.”

This competition is about who can make the most unpleasant and divisive statements, widening the gap between serious students and “mean kids”; Who can more effectively open the floodgates of unfounded indignation? Who can demonstrate the greatest contempt for what were once loudly proclaimed American values? and who can tell more scandalous lies.

Because this is who and what Donald Trump is. The Republican nomination is his to lose.

Jack Quirk, Porter Ranch


To the editor: Trump's attempt to assure wary voters that he “won't have time to retaliate” echoes his 2016 statement that he wouldn't have time to play golf if he were president.

Not only did he have plenty of time to stroll around his own golf courses, but his companies also billed American taxpayers for these outings.

The man lies. Above all. He cheats. He threatens. He slanders. He destroys.

We cannot allow him anywhere near the White House ever again.

Marcy Miroff Rothenberg, Porter Ranch


To the editor: The media is repeating its 2016 performance by giving Trump an endless amount of free coverage.

His victory in New Hampshire is announced with his photograph on the January 24 Times front page, while President Biden's victory in that state's Democratic primary is barely mentioned, even though he was only a write-in candidate, making him which is surely more unusual and newsworthy.

For those who vote for name recognition rather than understanding of the issues, the media will freely communicate what campaigns spend millions to achieve.

Darrel Miller, Santa Monica

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