Calling Republicans “Moderate”: Appoint Hakeem Jeffries as Speaker

To the editor: The Republican ranks in the House include 18 representatives from districts that President Biden won in 2020, including five in California. Many of them claim to be moderates and have tried to separate themselves – in appearance, if not in reality – from the clowns who brought down former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield).

The truth is that even if they were moderates, by giving the GOP their slim majority in the House, they empowered the crazy people who effectively control the Republican caucus.

If these representatives want to demonstrate their supposed moderation and put an end to the pointless chaos engulfing Congress, they should vote for House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) for Speaker.

Jeffries would still face a Republican majority, but the House could function as a rational part of government if the far-right MAGA party is not allowed to retain veto power.

Mitchell Zimmerman, Palo Alto


To the editor: I’m not a fan of McCarthy, especially since he called for an impeachment inquiry into President Biden without any evidence as a way to retaliate for former President Trump’s two impeachments and appease Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) and his allies.

However, McCarthy was well aware that if he negotiated with Democrats to keep the government running, he would be putting his position as president at risk. He chose to support the well-being of millions of his fellow citizens when he could have easily remained silent and in favor of the far right.

In the past, McCarthy had antagonized Democrats to such an extent that he could not count on their support and essentially sacrificed his future political career. This may well be one of McCarthy’s finest moments.

Richard C. Armendariz, Huntington Beach


To the editor: This is sad for America, but it is symptomatic of a system in which extremists on both sides of the aisle are pushing their parties’ agenda.

The American people are completely fed up with “leaders” who are more focused on Ukraine’s borders than ours. America’s involvement in wars around the world has contributed significantly to our $33 trillion national debt. This is stoking inflation at a time when ordinary Americans are suffering in East Palestine, Ohio, and Lahaina, Hawaii.

Americans are waking up. Toppling McCarthy is a sign that many more dramatic events lie ahead as Americans take back their country and elect truly patriotic leaders who will put America first.

Michael Pravica, Henderson, Nevada.


To the editor: Gaetz. Triumph. Vivek Ramaswamy. All the rich Republicans perform for the cameras, while the rest of the team cowers in frozen silence.

Seriously folks, is this the best you’ve got?

I respectfully invite my Republican friends to join the Democrats, where the adults live.

Maria San Juan Melgun, Laguna Woods


To the editor: Gaetz and seven other Republicans unseated McCarthy for striking a deal with Democrats to keep the government open.

And then Gaetz and the other seven Republicans turned around and effectively struck a compromise with Democrats to get rid of McCarthy.

Siegrun Freyss, Los Angeles


To the editor: I have a modest proposal for the Republican Party.

To modernize and more accurately represent the self-reverential “Grand Old Party,” let us leave out the elephant and adopt the clown car.

Jim Rothman, Study City

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