A president's wisdom does not come from brilliance and youth

To the editor: It is refreshing to read someone defending the advantages of experience and wisdom that are most often attributed to those of us who have reached old age. The recall part of my memory can be poor at times, but the lessons I have learned in adulthood have greatly improved my judgment.

Not even youth and brilliance can outweigh the benefits of experience and wisdom when making important decisions.

As Bill McKibben writes, President Biden acquired his worldview during the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson. And while Johnson may not be highly regarded because of the Vietnam War, he accomplished more for society than any president since Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Biden, who was maturing at the time, was no doubt inspired by those impressive achievements. And he began his presidency with great successful projects. Imagine what he could accomplish if he didn't have to constantly fight MAGA extremists.

Lynn Lorenz, Newport Beach


To the editor: Columnist Steve Lopez doesn't think Biden is “particularly grumpy.” I agree that the president does not come across as being in a bad mood in his public persona.

But I think Biden's stubbornness in refusing to acknowledge the overwhelming public opinion and polling that Americans want another option in the 2024 election could be characterized as a kind of bad temper.

Regardless of the ages of the candidates, the American people deserve a better choice than Biden over former President Trump.

Arthur L. Wisot, Boynton Beach, Florida.


To the editor: Lopez is right. Age is a fair issue in elections, but he is exaggerating it.

The president sets political priorities. Importantly, the president can select members of his cabinet and administration to implement those policies.

Several Trump associates, either in his campaigns or in his administration, have been charged with a crime or convicted. Let us remember the names of Steve Brannon, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Peter Navarro and George Nader, to name a few.

Good judgment is not necessarily a function of age. Trump, although he is a few years younger than Biden, obviously does not have good judgment.

Character and judgment always trump age.

Maurice M. Garcia, Newbury Park

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