Victoria Beckham debuts new avant-garde look at Paris Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham showed an unusually experimental collection at Paris Fashion Week, in a show that was interrupted by animal rights activists.

This new direction was seen in the first model to walk the runway for the autumn/winter 2024 collection, wearing what at first glance looked like a traditional tailored suit, where the jacket was actually separated from her body, with a daring back. open.

While much of the collection stayed true to the brand's DNA – showcasing a mix of ethereal dresses, sleek tailoring and covetable outerwear – there was also an avant-garde flavor to the fashion.

This was particularly seen in the sculptural elements that permeated the collection, along with coats that had extreme necklines with zippers up to the models' chins.

The color palette was muted and there was a '70s feel to some of the silhouettes, especially the high-waisted flared pants.

The '70s have been a big theme this fashion month, most recently seen during Chemena Kamali's debut as Chloe's creative director.

To highlight this more avant-garde touch, the style of the show was contemporary and minimalist.

The makeup was minimalist, as typically seen at Victoria Beckham shows, where the emphasis tends to be on clear, glowing skin, and the hair was slicked back.

Head stylist Anthony Turner used ghd tools and Wella Professionals products and said: “The inspiration for the hair was mainly based on the proportions of the collection.

“We've seen gorgeous turtlenecks on the runway that required a small hair silhouette, so the ends of the hair could fit perfectly inside.”

Beckham took an emotional bow at the end of the show wearing an all-black suit and walking on crutches following an accident at the gym last month. She appeared to blow a kiss to the people working in the atelier, helping to make the clothes, and then wrote on Instagram: “Thank you to my amazing Atelier team! I couldn't do it without you and I love you all so much!

The show took place in a candlelit lounge-style room at Rothschild's Salomon Hotel, but the serene atmosphere was disrupted by protesters from animal rights group Peta.

Activists stood up during the show and walked down the runway alongside models while holding signs that read “long live vegan leather.”

Their t-shirts read: “Animals are not fabric. Turn your back on animal skins.”

The organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) said that while Beckham's brand has banned the use of exotic skins, it “still uses a large amount of cruelly obtained leather, particularly calfskin.”

The non-profit organization said it had also hit the runways of Coach in New York, Burberry in London and Fendi in Milan this season.

The charity's president for Europe, Mimi Bekhechi, said: “No piece of clothing or accessory is worth violently slaughtering and skinning a sensitive and intelligent animal.

“We urge Victoria Beckham to turn to the ethical and eco-friendly innovations available today, such as high-quality leather made from apples, grapes, pineapples, mushrooms and more.”

Beckham's representatives have been contacted for comment.

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