Mouse color: fashion forecast or fad?

Ashley Graham hit the nail on the head with the ‘wow’ trend. (Photo credits: Instagram)

The mouse color is widely touted as the next big fashion trend; but is it really one?

Ever since Jasmeen Kaur became a viral sensation with her ‘Just looks like a wow’ reel, there has been a lot of discussion and speculation about whether the color ‘mouse’ is the next big trend in fashion. But before delving further into this, it is essential to recognize that the mother-daughter duo has brought to the fore a strong sense of “real advertising”, with no qualms about originality. He may not have displayed his collection in the most traditional format, he may not have conversed in the most appropriate language, but his utmost simplicity and his almost immediately identifiable color descriptions struck a chord in the Internet world. And it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that, amidst the cold concept of fashion, his flamboyance and confidence are indeed a defining moment regarding meme marketing.

“This takes on even greater importance in the wake of the widespread prevalence of misleading advertising, the growing influence of Westernization and the stereotypical approach to beauty. Very much in tune with the usual conversational language, especially in the Hindi belt of the country, she described the colors of her latest range in a way that she resonated with a large majority of people. While a yellow colored suit was described as “laddoo peela”, purple was called “baingan”, while the cosmic shade of the pink snake was called “kaleji” and blue was “firozi”. And we must not forget the famous brown color that is now a ‘trend’ as ‘mouse color’,” says Anuradha Chandrashekar, co-founder, ICH Creative Consulting.

The point at issue here is that “mouse color” is widely touted as the next big fashion trend; but is it really one? “The answer is no, because a fashion trend is much broader and goes beyond any viral meme trend. In fact, a fashion trend is the result of the assimilation of countless elements that impact an individual on both a micro and macro level, both consciously and subconsciously. The fashion forecast is actually the result of extensive multifaceted research that takes into consideration factors such as media, celebrity impact, consumer sentiments, content, Broadway trends, entertainment, geopolitical scenario, socio-economic development and of course social media, but not limited to social media alone,” explains Chandrashekar.

It is equally important that the elements of influence mentioned above come over a sustained period of time from as diverse and extensive sources as possible. “At ICH NEXT, for example, we track more than 700 selected sources and the insights gained are processed through the applied human zeitgeist. This process allows obtaining a fashion curve for a particular season that eventually helps determine key trends. Furthermore, the trends are quite elaborate with multiple macro themes, each of which predicts everything from design to colors, color palettes, fabrics, motifs, silhouettes and patterns, etc. To ensure that no message is lost in translation, trends are explained with graphic illustrations. and photographs. And most importantly, these reports are available keeping in mind the time from conceptualization to execution and market readiness, which can vary from at least 5 to 7 or even more months,” shares Chandrashekar.

So is mouse color the next big trend? It may be a fad, but not a long-term fashion trend.

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