Miss Nepal 2023 Jane Dipika Garrett shines as the first plus-size contestant of the Miss Universe 2023 pageant

Miss Nepal 2023 Jane Dipika Garrett exudes confidence and paves the way for inclusion in beauty pageants

Jane Dipika Garrett, Miss Nepal, redefines inclusion in each round of the Miss Universe 2023 pageant

For centuries, the prevailing notion of the ideal woman focused on tall, slender figures without any perceived imperfections. This standard permeated the media, appearance-focused professions, and everyday life. Fortunately, change is occurring in 2023, exemplified by the Miss Universe 2023 pageant. This year’s competition adopted inclusivity as its founding principle and featured delegates from diverse corners of the world, representing a spectrum of gender identities, status social and body sizes. Among all of them, Miss Nepal 2023, Jane Dipika Garrett, stood out, who boldly paved the way for a new definition of beauty.

The extraordinary beauty queen made history by being the first plus-size contestant in the pageant. Jane captured the world’s attention during the swimsuit round, showing off her confidence and grace. She walked confidently across the international stage wearing a stunning metallic green swimsuit with a plunging neckline, gathered waist and halter straps. She completed her look with sleek strappy heels and oversized hoop earrings, accessorized with coral-toned makeup and voluminous wavy hair.

According to Jane’s Instagram bio, Miss Nepal 2023 is not only a pageant queen but also a nurse and businesswoman, who champions body positivity and advocates for mental health. Upon securing her place in the top 20 of the Miss Universe pageant, Jane took to social media to express her joy, proclaiming: “Top 20 baby! Grateful to all my fans and followers. I did my best and that’s what matters! Proud to represent life-size beauty globally and break beauty pageant stereotypes. I am immensely proud of the new Miss Universe and will always treasure this transformative season of my life! This innovative movement marks a significant step towards diversity, embracing beauty in all its shapes and sizes at the Miss Universe 2023 pageant.

Jane has single-handedly transformed the landscape of pageant inclusion, revolutionizing one round at a time.

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