Fans Mock Drake's 'Giftful' Oversized Pants

Drake fans are mocking the rapper's latest fashion choice.

The 37-year-old father stepped out on June 10 to support his six-year-old son Adonis at his soccer game, wearing baggy pants and a tucked-in white T-shirt in quiet luxury. Drake embellished his simple base with a brown braided belt, a textured white sweater tied over his shoulders, and brown aviator sunglasses. His shoes were barely visible under the long, oversized pants that were billowing.

Drake's set drove his followers crazy. Some viewers thought the style reminded them of Cary Grant or Princess Diana, while other fans complimented the “God's Plan” singer for having individual taste. Supporters thought the Grammy winner was breaking the mold, while opponents claimed the look was too whimsical for his taste.

“Attending your son's football game dressed as a modern-day Cary Grant is hilarious,” wrote one person on X, formerly known as Twitter. “But honestly, this might have instantly become my favorite Drake attack of all time.”

Fellow X users stormed the platform to add their own opinions.

“A hair too loose on his pants,” one reviewer wrote, while another commented: “There's nothing good about the way his pants fall.”

A third addressed the original poster's comment by comparing Drake's appearance to Cary Grant. “Cary Grant? Bro, that's Katharine Hepburn's style that she's criticizing right now.”

One person disagreed: “Drake dresses like Princess Diana. That man said, 'Okay, I'm really not like you.'”

“He's dressed like Meg Ryan in a romantic comedy,” another X user hilariously proclaimed.

“They fit me well, but I also like narrow legs,” one style enthusiast admitted, while another bluntly added: “The problem with Drake's pants isn't the volume but the fact that they hang like shit.” . The fold zigzags everywhere. Whatever you think about the silhouettes, the fit has to be perfect.”

One candid person confessed: “Oversized flowy pants could have given her a cool look. “It was greatly exaggerated and it is a trick.”

In February, Drake left fans divided once again over an outfit he wore on stage during his “It's All A Blur” tour. The “One Dance” singer donned a cream-colored vest adorned with what appeared to be the spinal cord of a dinosaur on her back.

Immediately, concertgoers and viewers at home took to social media and coined a new nickname for the star: “Dino Drake.”

“You guys don't understand how ridiculous this seemed in person. He looked like an albino Bowser,” wrote one reviewer on X. A second added: “Drake went from Anitta Maxx Wynn to Dry Bones.”

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