Did you remarry your ex-spouse? Tell us about it.

Did you remarry the person you divorced? The Times would like to know the hows, whens and whys of his story.

Celebrities like Judith Sheindlin, better known as Judge Judy, or Pamela Anderson, divorcing only to remarry the same person (sometimes repeatedly, as in the case of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor) are not uncommon.

The pressure cooker of omnipresent public scrutiny can take its toll on a relationship, but comfort and familiarity, or even predictable volatility, can bring you back together. So can the maturation of one or both parts.

Everyday couples have also found their way to the altar more than once with the same person.

For an article to be published this month, The Times invites readers who have remarried their former spouses to share their stories. For example: What was the cause (or causes) for ending the relationship in the first place? Were they incompatible desires for intimacy? Conflicting expectations about roles in a marriage?

What was the main motivating factor for getting back together? Why did they remarry? Why didn’t they just live together?

We read every response to this questionnaire and will not publish any part of your response without following up with you and verifying your information. We will only use your contact information to contact you and will not share it outside of the Times newsroom.

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