Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper have drinks on New Year’s after CNN alcohol ban

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper rang in 2024 with a few shots of tequila during CNN’s live New Year’s Eve coverage after staying sober during last year’s broadcast.

The co-hosts, continuing their annual tradition of reporting live from Times Square in New York City, celebrated early in the live show by each taking a shot of tequila. “It’s last minute and we’ve been here for seven years doing this, and for most of those years, at the last minute we usually do a toast,” Cohen said during the CNN show. New Year’s Eve live December 31st.

Turning to Cooper, the Bravo executive producer asked, “I’m listening to a lot of people and I guess I’m wondering: Does Daddy get his juice?”

“Can Dad get his juice responsibly?” Cooper asked, to which Cohen responded, “Of course! Always.”

He See what happens live The host then pulled out a silver tequila bottle and shot glasses from his bag and poured his old friend a drink. “Anderson, I love you so much. Thank you for inviting me,” Cohen said. “Greetings everyone, happy new year. Here we go.”

The co-hosts downed the tequila shots, while the Anderson Cooper 360 The host’s visibility grimaced at the taste.

Cohen and Cooper remained sober during CNN’s New Year’s Eve 2022 coverage, amid the network’s reported reduction of the annual alcohol-fueled broadcast. In November 2022, Variety reported that CNN was making a change to its New Year’s Eve coverage, in an article titled: “CNN plans to increase sobriety in drunken New Year’s Eve coverage.”

Chris Licht, the company’s president and CEO, reportedly told CNN employees during a town hall discussion that drinking on camera hurt the network’s “respectability.” Cohen claimed that the announcement did not apply to him or Cooper, who has hosted live New Year’s Eve since 2002. However, the couple chose to take shots of non-alcoholic beverages while announcing the year 2023 in solidarity with the rest of the staff. .

In the lead-up to this year’s live show, Cohen subtly requested that the network allow him and Cooper to drink on air. speaking to MY! News On November 6, the producer was asked if he planned to sneak alcoholic beverages this year. “Hopefully, I won’t do it on the sly,” Cohen said. “I haven’t heard anything yet, but come on, they have to let us drink.”

“It’s New Year’s Eve. That didn’t go very well last year in terms of viewer happiness for our drink,” he continued. “People really cared and I hope CNN gives them what they want.”

During CNN New Year’s Eve live On Sunday night, Cohen and Cooper featured special appearances by singer John Mayer, actor Jeremy Renner, comedian Amy Sedaris and The Bodybuilders features Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers.

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