A new revolution in non-alcoholic cocktails? Los Angeles leads the way

Look behind the bar at your favorite Los Angeles restaurant or bar these days and you’ll see bottles of non-alcoholic spirit substitutes sharing space with your usual rum, whiskey, tequila, and vodka labels. You’ll notice that mocktail menus are becoming more available and NA cocktail lists are getting longer as well.

As demand for non-alcoholic beverages has grown, local establishments have expanded their beverage offerings, crafting thoughtful recipes that draw inspiration from our seasonal abundance and successfully replacing some of our favorite classic cocktails with NA creations.

But the thing do not ends there. You’ll find excellent non-alcoholic European wines as pairing options on a changing Taiwanese tasting menu and countless non-alcoholic beers on your supermarket shelves. From non-alcoholic IPAs to non-alcoholic recipes, courtesy of actor Danny Trejo, here’s how to make Dry January LA-style.

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