Meghan Markle’s ‘bombastic’ memoirs could make her return ‘impossible’

Meghan Markle could make or break her career with her next memoir

News about Meghan Markle’s tell-all memoir has been circulating since the beginning of the year, and experts believe the “bombshell” memoir could further strain her relationship with the Royal Family and make her return almost “impossible.”

Entertainment expert Mark Boardman reflected on Meghan’s prospects with a revealing memoir in his chat with the US Daily Express. He noted that it could make or break her image and his career.

“Meghan’s memoir could spark controversy and reignite debates about her relationship with the Royal Family,” he said, adding, “especially if she decides to reveal previously undisclosed details.”

Boardman believes his future prospects depend on the content of the memoir. He believes that if the memoir reflects more of his charitable work, it would add to his “humanitarian” image.

“Any further revelations or ‘bombshells’ about her time as a royal could affect her career and reputation in a number of ways, with a near-impossible task to make a comeback,” he says.

“The impact depends largely on the nature of the disclosures. Positive disclosures about your experiences and charitable work could improve your reputation and strengthen your image as a humanitarian,” it continues.

He also warned against “highly critical or controversial content” against the royals, which he believes “could further strain his relationship with the Royal Family” and “polarize public opinion.”

“It’s a very fine line to walk and Meghan would have to carefully consider the possible consequences,” he concluded.

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