Kim Kardashian Surprises Gunshot Survivor When SKIMS Suit Saves Her Life

Kim Kardashian Surprises Gunshot Survivor When SKIMS Suit Saves Her Life

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian reached out to Nina Wiley, a 22-year-old gunshot survivor who credited the SKIMS suit with saving her life.

The touching surprise message came during Nina’s appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show. In the video message, Kim expressed her admiration for Nina’s resilience, saying, “Hi Nina, I wish I could be there in person. But I wanted to send you a quick shout out. I loved hearing your story and I’m just thinking about you.” as you continue to recover.”

“I also heard that you are pursuing a career in criminal justice and I wanted to congratulate you. Study hard, it is not easy,” he added.

“I look forward to seeing everything you’re doing with this and I sent you some SKIMS products,” Kim said, spreading positivity during the emotional exchange.

Before the surprise message, Nina Wiley shared her harrowing experience of being shot several times while leaving a New Year’s Eve party. She recounted the terrifying moments in which she found herself caught in the crossfire and was shot four times, one of them still lodged in her stomach.

His recovery involved physical therapy, during which he highlighted the role SKIMS belts played in potentially saving his life. He explained how the compression provided by the sash may have altered the trajectory of the bullets, ultimately aiding his survival.

Kim Kardashian previously reposted Nina’s TikTok video to her Instagram Stories, expressing her amazement at how one of her SKIMS jumpsuits had played a pivotal role in saving a fan’s life.

The touching connection between the reality star and the shooting survivor serves as a reminder of the positive impact celebrities can have on the lives of their fans.

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