XRP Really Needs That Breakout, Ethereum (ETH) Is Hiding Something, Nothing Stopping Bitcoin (BTC) Before $71,000 by U.Today

U.Today – has been on a steady rise, and the recent price action suggests that nothing can stop it before it reaches $71,000. Analyzing the chart, BTC has successfully broken through several key resistance levels and is finally showing us bullish momentum.

The first significant resistance level was around $63,000, where Bitcoin faced some consolidation but ultimately broke out. The next resistance was the 50 EMA, which is currently near $65,000. BTC has also managed to surpass this level, indicating strong buying pressure and confidence among investors.

Price action shows BTC trading above the 50, 100, and 200 EMAs, a bullish signal that suggests the uptrend is likely to continue. The 100 EMA around $62,000 and the 200 EMA around $60,000 now act as strong support levels. As long as Bitcoin stays above these moving averages, the uptrend will remain intact.

Looking ahead, the next major resistance level is around $70,000, which was the previous all-time high. If Bitcoin can break above this level, the path to $71,000 and above becomes much clearer. Volume analysis supports this bullish thesis, with buying volume increasing as BTC rises indicating sustained interest and demand.

The RSI is currently above 60, suggesting that BTC is in bullish territory but is not overbought yet. This gives Bitcoin room to continue moving forward without immediate risk of a significant pullback.

The ace in the hole

Despite the recent rise above $3,000, Ethereum is still facing significant resistance. The 100 EMA, currently around $3,060, and the 50 EMA, near $3,180, are critical levels that ETH must overcome for a sustained uptrend. More importantly, those moving averages could converge in the foreseeable future, causing an increase in volatility that many would not expect.

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On the downside, if Ethereum fails to maintain its position above $3,000, it could pull back towards the $2,800 support level. This support is reinforced by the 200 EMA, which has historically acted as a solid base for ETH. A break below this level could signal a deeper correction, which could drag the price to $2,500 or lower.

Volume data shows mixed signals. While there has been an increase in buying volume as ETH crossed the $3,000 mark, it is not as significant as one would expect from a strong bullish continuation. This suggests that while there is interest, it is not enough to guarantee a sustained uptrend without further confirmation.

The old nemesis

Price action shows XRP consolidating near the $0.52 mark, struggling to break above the aforementioned resistance levels. A successful break above these levels could trigger a bull run, pushing the price towards $0.60 and higher. However, if XRP fails to break through, it could pull back to support levels around $0.50 or even lower.

Volume data suggests a lack of significant purchasing power at this time. For a breakout to be successful, XRP needs an increase in volume, indicating increased buying interest. Without this, resistance levels could hold, preventing any bullish movement.

Furthermore, the relative strength index is currently around the neutral zone. This indicates that XRP is neither overbought nor oversold, giving it room to move in either direction. A rise in the RSI above 60 could indicate further bullish momentum, supporting a possible breakout.

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This article was originally published on U.Today.

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