Solana (SOL) Outperforms Ethereum (ETH) Based on This Overlooked Criterion, Says Analyst Per U.Today

Solana (SOL) Outperforms Ethereum (ETH) Based on This Overlooked Criterion, Analyst Says

U.Today – Developing and Scaling (ETH) narratives may be overly complicated for average developers and entrepreneurs, but “intellectually satisfying” for researchers and architects. Compared to (SOL)’s clear objectives, this may seem confusing, says Alliance DAO’s Qiao Wang.

“One thing ETH marketing got terribly wrong”: analyst on simplicity and complexity

The relentless peddling of new narratives, new jargon, and buzzword roadmaps is something the “ETH marketing department” gets wrong, analyst Qiao Wang told his 133,000 followers on X. At the same time, Solana (SOL) remains loyal to the clear narrative of being the “fastest and cheapest” chain.

Wang emphasized that Ethereum (ETH)’s “marketing department” should be put in quotes, as neither the blockchain nor the Ethereum Foundation has a centralized unit responsible for promotional activity.

The ever-expanding array of shared sequencers, bridges, and dozens of rollups makes Ethereum (ETH) too complicated for teams who are only interested in building secure and fast decentralized applications in a resource-efficient way.

While “technocrats and academics” may find this complexity intellectually satisfying, most cryptocurrency project teams remain “pragmatic”:

As U.Today previously reported, Ethereum (ETH)’s focus on L2 solutions was also criticized by Cyber ​​Capital CIO Justin Bons. He favors migrating the approach to non-EVM blockchains like Near and MultiversX.

Flipping season?

At the same time, Wang concludes that these problems can be solved. Ethereums should simply eliminate mental friction to become more attractive to developers.

In 2024, the cryptosphere is discussing several metrics in which Solana (SOL) outperforms Ethereum (ETH). Last week, Solana (SOL) surpassed the largest smart contract platform in weekly stablecoin transfers.

Additionally, in late December 2023, Solana (SOL) made Ethereum (ETH) the most used blockchain for decentralized exchanges (DEX) on daily and weekly timeframes.

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