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U.Today – Financial educator and renowned author of the popular financial management book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki, posted a tweet about , in which he made a bullish price prediction and revealed an important nuance about BTC.

Trader and entrepreneur Willy Woo engaged in a dialogue with Kiyosaki and revealed the key signal of when Bitcoin is about to stop rising. So far, Bitcoin is winning, he says.

“Bitcoin is not as high as it is going to go”

In his tweet, Kiyosaki confessed that he feels frustration when he starts encouraging people around him to buy Bitcoin because of the “lame excuses” he receives in return. According to him, the most common reason why people find it difficult to follow his advice is that they consider BTC to be too expensive.

In fact, the world's flagship cryptocurrency is trading high right now. However, Kiyosaki believes it will increase even more: “And it is high… but not as high as it is going to go.”

Kiyosaki cited his aforementioned book here, stating that “Your profits are made when you buy… Not when you sell.”

The important nuance about Bitcoin, according to Kiyosaki, is that everyone wishes they had bought BTC when it was only $10, “but those days are long gone.”

A week ago, Kiyosaki posted a surprising Bitcoin price prediction, revealing that he expects BTC to skyrocket to $350,000 by mid-August, or at least sometime in 2024. However, he admitted that this is not a prediction, but Your opinion. Kiyosaki also revealed that he continues to buy Bitcoin and “because it is quite certain that its prices will continue to rise.”

However, this is not because he is confident about these digital currencies, but because he does not trust the current US government and its fiscal policies.

Willy Woo reveals when the Bitcoin run will end

Crypto trader and entrepreneur Willy Woo responded to Robert Kiyosaki's tweet, noting that “Bitcoin's race ends when everyone invests” in it. So far, financial institutions have put 4.7% of free market capital into Bitcoin, he tweeted.

Currently, Woo wrote, Bitcoin is winning, and this is, he claimed, “exactly what venture capitalists do for emerging technology.”

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