Ethereum Leaders Propose Classification for Layer 2 Solutions By

SAN FRANCISCO – Co-founder Vitalik Buterin and Daniel Wang of Taiko have submitted a proposal to classify Layer 2 scaling solutions to improve clarity in the Ethereum ecosystem. The discussion, which took place today, introduced a distinction between “strong” rollups and “lightweight” validiums, terms intended to navigate the trade-offs between security and scalability within the network.

The proposed ranking system comes as the Ethereum community prepares for the Ethereum Merge upgrade, an initiative designed to bolster the network's performance. According to the conversation between Buterin and Wang, rollups are considered “strong” due to their method of publishing complete transaction data on the Ethereum chain, thus prioritizing security. On the other hand, “lightweight” validiums focus on scalability by employing zero-knowledge proofs and storing only one hash on the chain.

With Ethereum Merge on the horizon, the distinction between different types of layer 2 options is expected to play an important role in the success of the upgrade and future scalability of the Ethereum network.

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