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© Reuters Samson Mow issues ultra-bullish Bitcoin statement, Dogecoin Whale moves 332.9 million DOGE to Binance, Michaël van de Poppe predicts bullish breakout for ETH: U.Today's Crypto News Digest

U.Today – U.Today has prepared a summary of the three most important news of the last day.

Ultra-bullish statement from Samson Mow ahead of possible ETF approval

As the crypto community anxiously awaits the SEC's decision regarding the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF, Bitcoin maximalist Samson Mow took to platform X to share his mega-bullish expectations for BTC's price movement. According to Mow, Bitcoin could hit $1 million any day from now, and this sudden price surge will be a “peak pain” for most market participants. He explained that many companies, including his own, Jan3, have many plans and meetings scheduled for the year 2024, and if Bitcoin were to reach $1 million, it would “derail everything.” In addition to Jan3, Mow named other big figures in the crypto space who would see their plans collapse should BTC suddenly hit $1 million: analyst Plan B and his stock-to-flow model for Bitcoin, MicroStrategy with its goal of accumulate 1 million dollars. % of Bitcoin supply and El Salvador as it would not be able to issue Bitcoin bonds and buy more BTC below the $100,000 level.

(DOGE) whale transfers 332.9 million DOGE to Binance

According to data provided by Whale Alert's X account, yesterday, a Dogecoin (DOGE) whale moved a large amount of dog-themed tokens to Binance. The transaction transferred 332,931,620 DOGE (worth $26,612,151 at the time of transfer) from an unknown wallet to the aforementioned major exchange. It is still unclear what motivated the whale to make such a significant transfer, and Dogecoin enthusiasts are speculating about its possible implications for the DOGE ecosystem at large. Meanwhile, DOGE has seen a drop in value, falling 21.98% in the last 30 days. The Dogecoin community awaits new developments, both in terms of whale activities and the impact of the recent moonshot on DOGE market dynamics. As a reminder, a real replica of the dog-themed token was sent to the moon on January 8 aboard the Vulcan Centaur rocket.

(ETH) at critical juncture as Michaël van de Poppe predicts bullish breakout

In a recent post by According to van de Poppe, ETH is approaching the 2022 low and is likely to gain liquidity at that level. The analyst believes that in case the SEC approves a Bitcoin spot ETF, there would potentially be a liquidation candle on the trading chart for the trading pair. Following this, van de Poppe foresees a rotation of funds towards Ethereum, along with a weekly bullish divergence. Michaël Van de Poppe's forecast is based on the idea that Ethereum could see a significant rise in response to the approval of the Bitcoin spot ETF. Therefore, traders are closely monitoring the upcoming Bitcoin ETF decision, recognizing the interconnected nature of cryptocurrencies.

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