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CEO names most important date for XRP holders

During his recent appearance at XRP Apex 2024, alongside colleague David Schwartz, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse commented on the company's ongoing legal battle with the SEC. When asked if Ripple's position from a regulatory perspective is improving, Garlinghouse stated that his company is nearing the end of its lawsuit with the regulatory agency. “You know, in some ways, you look at that now and say we're almost at the end of that journey,” the CEO said. Garlinghoused then added that in his opinion, although no one can control when the judge makes her decision, the case will be resolved “by the end of the summer.” “Someone asked me if it would be the end of August. I pointed out that September 21 is the end of summer, so I don't know,” Garlinghouse said.

Legendary trader John Bollinger breaks silence on price

While Bitcoin is experiencing significant volatility, financial analyst John Bollinger has taken to the X platform to share his opinion on the price movements of the flagship cryptocurrency. In recent weeks, Bitcoin has fluctuated dramatically; It was trading around $70,000 and then fell sharply by around 4%. This drop came after a period of price consolidation, during which Bitcoin looked set to hit a new high. Bollinger addressed the market belief that prolonged periods of consolidation can generate significant price gains. Citing an old market principle, “the larger the base, the larger the space,” he suggested that a strong base period would result in substantial upside. The key question now is whether BT C will maintain this level or see further changes.

(SHIB) Could Reverse in the Next 3 Days – Here's Why

Shiba Inu Approaches Critical Price Threshold; The 200 EMA is expected to become the main support level for the meme token in a bullish mode. However, the rupture below will definitely pose major problems, forcing Shiba Inu into the void and possibly triggering the death cross. At the moment, Shiba Inu is changing hands at $0.00002121, trying to stay above key support levels. The crucial level to watch now is the 200-day exponential moving average. If SHIB can maintain its balance above this level, a major reversal could occur. However, if this support does not hold, further declines and a bearish trend could occur. SHIB price could rise for several reasons. As always, good news or changes in the Shiba Inu ecosystem could trigger a price reversal, as well as a market recovery or an increase in interest from institutional investors.

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