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clean spark (NASDAQ:) Inc. (Nasdaq: CLSK), the US bank bitcoin Miner™, launched its unaudited version today bitcoin (or “BTC”) trading and mining update for the ending month December 31, 2023.

“This was a transformative year for clean spark,” saying Zach Bradford, CEO. “We set new records in bitcoin mining, surpassing all of our previous achievements with over 7,300 bitcoins mined this year, a 60% increase over 2022. This remarkable feat was combined with our highest daily production rates to date. What’s more, our bitcoin The treasury has also seen notable growth, going from 228 bitcoins at the end of last year to more than 3,000 bitcoins today.

“I am also immensely proud to share that all the building structures of our Sandersville The expansion is now complete, paving the way to energize the facility next month. My sincere thanks to our teams, trades and community for their dedication to meeting deadlines and delivering on our promises to shareholders. “The new year offers enormous potential and we are excited about the opportunities that await us.”

December bitcoin Mining Update (unaudited)

  • bitcoin mined in December: 720
  • Year 2023 bitcoin mined: 7,391
  • Total BTC holdings as of December 31: 3,002
  • Total BTC sold in December: 293
  • Deployed fleet: 88,924
  • Fleet efficiency at the end of the month: 26.4 J/Th
  • Current hash rate: 10.08 EH/s

The Company sold 293 BTC in December 2023 on an average of approximately $42,700 per BTC. BTC sales were equivalent to revenues of approximately 12.5 million dollars. BTC mined daily in December averaged 23.2 and peaked at 29.8.

Operational update

Sandersville. Construction of all ten building structures for the 150 MW expansion has been completed. All Antminer XP have been received and are in the custody of the Company in Georgia. In anticipation of the expansion, the company also began testing firmware updates on newer Antminer S21s. All machines needed for the 150 MW expansion have been delivered and are expected to be installed in the coming weeks as the Company prepares for energization in February.

For updates on our progress on Sandersvillecheck out the company’s official YouTube account here.

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